Take your E-commerce business to the next level with a fresh new website.

I create  e-commerce websites that help my clients increase their sales and gain more time through strategic web design.

I’ve helped many clients get results like these over the past six years and I’d love to help you next!

Getting started with your website redesign can feel overwhelming, I know. Especially when you don’t know where to get started. There are so many aspects involved in a perfectly running e-commerce website, that produces repeat sales.

Does this sound like you? You are a busy merchant or maker with an established business. You have already built a customer base but are facing several challenges with your current online presence:

  • Your website is outdated and not up to current web standards.
  • The site is slow and has performance issues, affecting user experience.
  • Website content is disorganized, making it hard for visitors to find what they need.
  • You need to add an e-commerce section, or to streamline the product database.
  • Adding a wholesale section is needed to save your retailers’ time and increase order size.
  • You are overwhelmed by the thought of a web design process, unsure of how to effectively gather and prepare content.
  • Sourcing high-quality photos or videos for the website seems daunting.
  • You are uncertain about the strategy needed for increasing website conversions, turning visitors into repeat customers.
  • You need to make your website and brand message distinctive- Stand out against the backdrop of generic, AI-generated content that is often seen online.

You thought getting your website redesigned would be a breeze. After all, all those website platforms say you can sell online in just minutes.

Instead, you have wasted months trying to gather your website content.

It feels frustrating not to have a clear plan for achieving the e-commerce website that will delight your customers.

Do you wish it could be easier & faster?

The hard truth is that an effective website must be strategically planned to guide visitors towards making a purchase, with every element crafted to enhance usability, speed, and accessibility.

These are the key elements you need

E-commerce Strategy

Each website element is carefully planned to create an intuitive client journey.

Timeless design

Effective design is clean, simple and lets your products be the star of the show.

Human connection

Your brand is unique- use its personality for genuine messaging. Customers want to connect with other people, not with a faceless corporation.

How can I be so sure?

Because I helped many clients achieve results with their websites over the last six years. I am also very familiar with the challenges one meets along the way, trying to scale a business. You see, I used to be an organic skincare maker when I first got started with my small business, eight years ago. I understand the grit it takes – trying to grow a business from scratch, develop products, wearing all the hats and bootstrapping every step of the way. Eventually, when I changed the focus of my business to web design, it made so much sense to offer support to my fellow makers & merchants.

Imagine having time to focus on creating innovative products, not troubleshooting tech glitches.

You started your business to gain independence, not to stay chained to your computer.

Your website is your most precious digital asset. let’s work together to make sure it impresses your ideal clients.

Web design options

These are some of our popular packages. We have more solutions for your business goals.

web Design intensive


Two half days of dedicated web design & development time focused on your specific website needs.

website in a week


an efficient web design package for website redesigns or basic e-commerce builds, featuring our strategic process and basic optimization.

E-commerce Supreme

Custom web Design

Our Custom Web Design Service caters to complex projects, blending strategy with implementation. Enjoy benefits like priority calendar access, expedited service, premium maintenance, and extended customer support.

You can keep wasting time, worried about your slow website and its tech glitches, postponing your website redesign.

Or you can hire an experienced web designer that can complete your project promptly.

You can continue using an outdated website that lacks conversion strategy, even though the user experience feels clunky.

Or you can talk to me.

The choice is yours.

Where you are in 6 months will be a result of what you choose to do now. So tell, where do you want to be?

“Her knowledge of eCommerce, social media marketing and how they all work together has increased my business’ sales 10 fold! She knows the ins-and-outs and always goes the extra mile.”

Schedule your free 15 minute web consultation to to discuss whether my services are a good fit for you.