5 tips to get your inspiration back

Entrepreneurs have to wear many hats, and take care of many aspects of their business. Through it all, you have to connect with your audience in engaging ways, post on social media and create content in one or more formats.

But what do you do if you feel tired, exhausted, or simply uninspired?

Here are are few tips that will bring you more clarity, and give you a fresh perspective on things:

  1. Take a weekend (or a week!) off technology. It’s easier to do if you are traveling, but you can make some plans that leave no time for technology. Even if you just stop looking at your phone for a day, it will create an amazing difference in how you feel. (By the way, is your phone telling you how many hours you spend daily looking at it? It will shock you to see hours adding up, doing busy work/ or idle scrolling.)
  2. Spend time in nature. Without taking photos constantly. Have you been to places of incredible natural beauty, only to see everybody taking hundreds of photos from different angles? It soon seems like an exercise in futility, especially taking selfies and immortalizing fake smiles for the hundredth time. Take some steps on the path less trodden. Literally.
  3. Do that craft that you were thinking of. Using your hands in a simple, repeated and rhythmic way that also creates something beautiful or useful helps rewire your brain.
  4. Focus on the present moment. Stop thinking about your goals/plans for a day, and focus on enjoying the moment. Really BE in the space you are in, look around and enjoy the afternoon sun.
  5. Practice gratitude: Take a few minutes each day, especially before sleeping, to focus on 5 things you are grateful for. Escape the comparison trap: Don’t compare yourself to others, or focus on what you are still yet to accomplish. your day on a positive note will make you feel more content, and in fact it tends to attract more of the same.
I had this beautiful yarn for close to a year before I actually got started … The surprise is how much clearer your thinking becomes once you do something different for some time.

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