7 signs you need a web developer for your business website

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You have completed your first couple years in business, have a steady flow of clients, and a very basic website, which you started when you were on a shoestring budget. Your business is growing, and your website does not reflect that. Now what? How do you know it is time to hire a professional?

1.You have a basic website

that cannot take care of all your current business needs OR you have no website. A surprising number of businesses have no website, or have a very simple website that no longer reflects their business well. If the contact details are no longer correct, or you have different addresses listed in various search engines, how can your clients find you?

2.You have a very old website that is outdated

needs a redesign or no longer works. Updates? Plugin compatibilities? You have neglected these details in the past couple years and the website is barely functioning.

3. You know that the DIY route is not the best use of your time

You have no time to waste on doing a mediocre job of maintaining or building your website. You have no tech expertise. You know it would take you a whole day to create a blog post that looks/ or reads as if it was created by less than the expert you want to be perceived as. You want to hire a professional who can create the best website your business deserves, so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

4. You want to add premium features

You need an e-commerce component, a membership portal, to re-organize content or more. You might not know the exact technical details of how to achieve your business goals, but you are clear on them- now it is time to take action.

5. You need a trusted strategic consultant

An expert can advise you on the most important things to feature on your website and create/ implement a marketing strategy that works best for your business. You know that it is important to not just have the equivalent of a brochure online ( with your contact details), but that your website is effective in conveying your ethics, offerings and mission in the best way.

Most of our clients develop a long term working relationship in which they rely on us to offer solutions to their tech challenges, implement them in an elegant way and choose the most effective solutions.

6. You need rebranding

You either have no branding or your logo and overall look doesn’t work well in attracting your ideal clients. You understand the value of consistent branding and want to feel re-inspired by the look of your business.

7. You are ready to invest in your online presence

You are determined to present your business in the most professional way. You have the budget required to take action today, and investing in your business feels right because it will help you take your business to the next level. You are aware of the need to dedicate some time in providing the necessary content and details for creating the website. You regularly take time to work ON your business, as that is how you will reach your business goals.

Have you resonated with 2 or more of the items above? It is time to take the next step. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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