Use your authentic voice to connect with your ideal clients

Anca recording her voice. E-commerce web developers benefit from using their voices.

Are you using social media to reach your ideal clients?

Have you recently started creating videos to communicate with your audience?

If you cringe when recording yourself, you will love this video!

Here is the article featured in the video, in case you prefer to read instead of watching. ( This video was shot pre-pandemic /literally the day before the first case was detected locally and we went into lockdown/ – can you notice a certain lightness of being due to having no knowledge of things were going to change so drastically?).

Everyone talks about using your authentic voice, and that sounds like a very difficult thing to achieve.

How do you use your authentic voice?

For many business owners, when they think about producing content to connect with their audience, they almost freeze ( especially if they have to be in front of a camera). The reason is that they focus on themselves and their imperfections.

First of all, none of us is perfect! If you start thinking about how you should look, sound or be perceived, that is a very easy way to never get started. For example, today I have not slept enough last night. I have under eye circles, and no amount of clever lighting is going to fix that. I still wanted to appear here today and connect with you. This was just an example, and I know you can find a lot of excuses of why you procrastinate. Or, you might censure yourself because of some self-imposed idea.

Another issue is that you may think you are too weird, and people will not connect with you, so you should make yourself more “middle of the road”. That is not connected to reality!

We are all our own type of weird.

We each have our own quirks. This is what makes us unique. None of us is exactly the same. Time to embrace the weird. If you embrace those tiny (perceived) imperfections, and you present yourself with your complete story, then you will come across as more authentic.

What is the biggest shift you can make today?

This is a very simple solution that you can implement right now.

When you plan your content, your focus should not be on yourself.

All your marketing content is not actually about you. It is about your ideal client. About their major pain point, and how you can help them solve that.

So if your entire focus is not on yourself and your imperfections, but on being of service to your ideal client, then the whole process will change fundamentally for you.

In fact, this content creation process may actually become fun!

I hope you found this video and article useful! If you feel you need more support to create a personalized marketing strategy and bring your message in front of your audience in the most effective way, contact us below.

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